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About us

There is a long history that exists when it comes to Barber Shops all around the world. Dating back to as early as 3500 BC, the barbershop, over time has transitioned into what we know it as today.

In honor of it’s long history and the boys and men that came before us, at Heirloom Barber and Shave Shop, we strive to hold on to tiny bits of history by providing an establishment and overall experience that takes you back in time an allows you to imagine what it might have felt like sitting amongst other men with the sweet aroma of oils, tobacco, powders, tonics and leather filling the air.

Barber Shops of the past were inviting and lively with men stopping in not just to get a haircut or shave but to talk with their friends, make new ones and just to relax their worries away. Heirloom Barber and Shave Shop parallels the traditional barber shop experience in many ways and despite current laws now prohibiting smoking inside of establishments, if you are looking for a place where you can just come to hang out or fraternize, to get an impeccable haircut, a nostalgic straight razor shave or just to browse our eclectic array of men’s grooming products, we invite you to stop in.