Who We Are

A team that loves to create

Some of our clients say that the barbers at Heirloom Barber & Shave Shop are the best kept secret in The Land! While we appreciate the sentiment and compliments that we receive on a daily basis, we understand that as barbers and in the industry, there is always room for improvement.  We firmly believe in providing a modern take on a traditional art form for each and every client that comes through our doors.  It is our goal to be seen as a sought after space for men to gather and for memories to be made just like they were in the barber shops that came decades before us.  We as barbers believe in the quality of services over the quantity of them.  We approach our work with precision and pride ourselves on our meticulous nature. We believe in withholding the traditions that were created by the barbers that blazed the trails before us and that barbering is more than just a hobby or passion but is aligned more greatly with our purpose.


What We Do

Keep it simple

Our shop was constructed with men in mind.  The atmosphere and environment that we strive to provide is one in which the modern man can kick back, relax and unwind and/or take time to build camaraderie with the barbers and/or some of the other shop patrons.  At Heirloom Barber & Shave Shop, you will have the opportunity to kick back in one of our antique barber chairs while one of our talented barbers provides you with what may likely be one of the best men's grooming experiences that you have ever had.  It is our desire to provide you with the ultimate men's grooming experience and to have you leave the shop boasting about the way that you feel both in and out of the chair.  We realize that not everyone will desire a full grooming experience and that is OK with us.  For anyone desiring to go the "self-grooming" route, our shelves at the shop are fully stocked with a variety of mens grooming products.  It is our honor to serve each and every client with quality techniques, distinction and an elevated level of sophistication.